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  • Thank you very much. I received the trading pins today and they look great. Your service was outstanding.

    - Bill Mitchell

  • Wow! I received our pins earlier this week. They are beautiful, thank you very much! I hope we can work together again soon and definitely next year on another pin!

    - Timothy Neal Templeton

  • Just amazing! We have a winner I will be submitting payment and everything ASAP thank you so much, incredible you have a life long customer

    - Lucas Wagner

  • I have so many compliements on them, you guys did a fantastic job on them. I will pass your company around and hopefully you will get some more orders from over here. Again, that's for a great job!

    - Tom Garrason

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Basketball Pins
Basketball Pins Sample

Dyed Black Metal

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Polished Silver Metal

Basketball Pins Sample 3

Dyed Black Metal

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Polished Gold Metal + Dangler

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Polished Silver Metal + Glitter

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Polished Silver Metal

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Polished Silver Metal

Basketball Pins Sample 8

Dyed Black Metal + glitter

With the popularity of basketball in the U.S., it's no surprise that many players, fans, and coaches want a way to celebrate their team. Basketball pins are a simple and inexpensive way to show off a tournament invite, championship win, or team pride. Physical education professor James Naismith invented basketball in the late 1800s to keep his gym class entertained on a rainy day. He wanted a way to keep his students active on days when they were confined to the gym, and he was unsatisfied with other indoor sports at the time. The first baskets were peach baskets nailed to an elevated area of the gymnasium. The rules of the game slowly adapted over the years into the game we know and love today that has millions of fans across the world. Now, people of all nationalities and backgrounds play basketball. Whether it's a pickup game in the driveway, a youth league game at the YMCA, or an NBA game in front of thousands of fans, basketball is adored the world over. Basketball has been one of the most popular sports at the Summer Olympics since its inclusion in 1936. Early rules said the players must be amateurs. However, in 1992, Olympic officials changed the rules to allow professional players to join the Olympic team. The first and possibly the most famous was the iconic "Dream Team" from the 1992 Summer Olympics. The star-studded roster included some of the most popular players of all time such as Michael Jordan, Larry Byrd, and Patrick Ewing. With so many stars on the same team, it's no wonder the team reached legend status. With the popularity of basketball, it's no surprise that many people start playing at a young age. Youth leagues and school teams are very common around the country, and even those games often draw large crowds. The players of these teams often look for a way to show their team pride off the court, and basketball pins are a great way to accomplish that. If a team participates in a tournament, the teams can all trade pins to take home with them after the tournament is over. The pins help the players remember the experience, and the people they met.

When it comes to fundraising, basketball pins are an easy way to raise money. Fans can purchase the pins at a game or fundraising event and wear them around town for all to see. The funds from selling the pins can help pay for new uniforms or transportation to the next away game. Basketball pins can have almost any design imaginable. Common themes are a team logo, mascot, or photograph, but those designs are certainly not a requirement. Remember, the more different and unique your pins are, the more people want them. Don't hold back with your ideas. Even if it's something completely different, we'll find a way to make your idea a reality! At, we offer a choice of three different pin styles: soft enamel, photo etched, and offset digital. Soft enamel pins are our most popular style, and these are the thickest and heaviest pins. Photo etched pins are lighter and thinner than soft enamel, and are great for designs with a high level of detail. Offset digital pins make use of the latest printing technology to print your designs directly onto the pin. Offset digital is also the only type which allows for photographs. All types of basketball pins can have a clear epoxy coating applied to protect the pins from scratches or dents. The coating also gives the pins a shine and makes them stand out even more. While optional for the soft enamel and photo etched styles, the coating is always included on offset digital pins to hold the image in place. We offer this protective coating at no extra cost! is committed to bringing you the best customer service and product knowledge. Our goal is to make your buying experience fast and easy! We offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and any design revisions are always free as well. If you think of something you want to change or add to your pin design, let us know and we'll gladly adjust it. Call us toll-free at 1-800-217-8636 Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. E.T. or fill out our no-obligation free quote form and our talented team of artists will get started designing your awesome basketball pins!

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