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  • I love it!! they came out sooo gooood! your glow is sooo bright i love it!

    - Alex T

  • Just wanted to let you know, EVERYONE was so impressed with the pins. Thank you for working with my design. Have a good day

    - Catherine Phillips

  • I Just received the pins you created and manufactured for me, I am overjoyed with the quality and polish of the pins.

    - Leanne Rechenmacher

  • I am so very excited to be able to present these to them. I cannot thank you enough for the direction, perseverance and willingness to work around my circumstances in this process.

    - Tom Watkins

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Cheerleading Pins Sample

Polished Silver Metal

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Dyed Black Metal

Cheerleaders are a common sight at nearly every high school or college level football game, and without cheerleaders, games would certainly feel very different. Cheerleading pins are a perfect way for cheerleaders to show their participation in a competition. Pins are great for trading at competitions or games, or as a fundraising item. Cheerleading has been a part of American sports since the late 1800s when colleges began having official cheers for the crowds to chant at football and baseball games. The first colleges to have an official cheerleading squad were Princeton and the University of Minnesota in 1898. The first cheerleading squads were all-male, but women slowly started to join throughout the years. During World War II, most of the men were in the military, so the sport became primarily female. Tumbling, gymnastics, and megaphones all became an integral part of cheerleading and it evolved into the sport it is today. In current times, it's common to see cheerleaders at most high school and college games. Not only do cheerleaders pump the crowd up, they have nationally televised competitions where squads from around the country compete to see who has the best routine. Watching teams such as Morehead State University's Eagles -- who recently won their 34th national championship -- quickly shows how athletic cheerleading can be. Competitions are the perfect place to trade pins, and pin trading is a fantastic way to meet the other squads and build relationships with other squads.

Pins are great for fundraising efforts as well. Fans of the team or the cheerleading squad can purchase the pins and show their support. The cheerleading squad can use the extra funds to buy new uniforms, or pay for transportation to a competition. Cheerleading pins can have any type of design, whether a mascot, picture, or the team colors. The key to an awesome-looking pin is creativity. Make your pin stand out from the rest by having a unique design that hasn't been seen before. This will ensure your pin is the most desired by pin collectors! At we have 3 different styles of cheerleading pins to choose from. Soft enamel pins are the most common pin we sell and are the heaviest and thickest. Photo etched pins are great for designs requiring fine lines or details, and are slightly thinner and lighter than soft enamel. Offset digital pins are ideal for pin designs that include photographs or other specific images. Offset digital pins are made using the latest printing methods that print your design directly onto the metal. We offer a clear epoxy coating for your cheerleading pins to protect them from the elements at no extra charge. While the coating is required for offset digital pins to help secure the image to the pin, it's not a necessity for the other styles. The coating not only protects the pin, it adds shine and depth, and makes it stand out even more! We pride ourselves on having the best customer service and the best all-around product in the business! We ship to anywhere in the U.S. at no extra charge to you. Looking to change or add something to your design? Not a problem. We'll make any necessary changes free of charge. Our main goal is your complete satisfaction! Call 1-800-217-8636, toll free, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. E.T. or fill out our no-obligation free quote form and let our talented graphic artists design some incredible-looking cheerleading pins for you!

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