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Custom softball pins are fast becoming as popular as baseball pins! Pin trading is a hobby practiced by many, whether young or old. Trading isn't limited to players either --coaches, umpires, and fans can all be part of the pin trading experience. Pin trading is a great way to bring people with a common interest together. Members of a team can design their own logo using the team mascot or team name. Once a team has their own pin, they can trade pins with players from other teams they face. Trading pins is a great way to build relationships with other teams and helps players make friendships that can last a lifetime. Players can look through their pin collection and remember the story behind each pin, such as where they were when they got it, or who gave it to them.

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Pin trading is especially popular during tournaments or championship games. The more games a team wins, the more valuable their pin becomes. The team that wins the championship will have the most valuable softball pins for the year. That's why you want to make sure your pins are eye-catching and unique. You don't want to be at the championship with boring, generic pins! At, our trading pin prices are based on quantity, so the more you buy, the less you pay per pin. So don't hesitate to order a few extra pins. We'd hate for you to get to the championship game and then run out of pins and have nothing to trade with! Order your softball pins as early as possible. During the peak softball season, we are always quite busy, so the earlier you place your order, the better. While we always work hard to get your order to you as soon as possible, it can sometimes take a little longer due to the sheer volume of customers we have in peak season. We don't want you to miss out on trading pins with other teams, so place your order as soon as possible!

Trading Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
1.25" $2.99 $2.47 $1.72 $1.19 $1.07 $0.95 $0.93 $0.83 $0.75 $0.73
1.5" $3.20 $2.68 $1.93 $1.45 $1.37 $1.17 $1.08 $1.02 $0.94 $0.92
1.75" $3.37 $3.01 $2.35 $1.79 $1.72 $1.45 $1.28 $1.25 $1.17 $1.13
2" $3.79 $3.16 $2.61 $2.04 $1.89 $1.67 $1.58 $1.51 $1.41 $1.37
2.25" $5.32 $3.99 $3.37 $2.65 $2.45 $2.37 $2.09 $2.06 $2.02 $2.00
2.5" $6.03 $4.43 $4.07 $3.37 $3.16 $3.08 $2.80 $2.78 $2.72 $2.70
2.75" $6.75 $5.18 $4.62 $3.91 $3.70 $3.61 $3.31 $3.29 $3.25 $3.22
3" $7.47 $5.95 $5.17 $4.45 $4.23 $4.12 $3.82 $3.79 $3.77 $3.74

We know how competitive teams can be, and we want your pin design to stand out! Pin designs can be anything from a logo to a mascot to the team name to a team picture. Be creative! Our art team loves to come up with new designs and ideas. We'll work with you to make sure your softball pins are like no one else's and will be the prized pin of every collector's stash!

Most of the pins we sell are the soft enamel style. Soft enamel is the thickest and the most common style pin, but isn't the only style available. Photo etched pins are good for designs with more complex lines or fine details. Finally, offset digital pins are great for photographs or designs that have color gradients. With offset digital, instead of using paint like soft enamel and photo etched pins, we use modern printing technology to print the design directing onto the pin. Whichever style you decide to go with, we'll work with you to make a fantastic looking pin that is the envy of everyone at the next big game!

At, we refuse to be second best! We offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. on all orders. We know that sometimes you may have something you want to change or add to your design. Don't worry! With us, any revisions are always free of charge. We want to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your pins before manufacturing! Contact us at 800.217.8636 or fill out our no-obligation free quote form today and let us work with you to design some awesome softball pins that will look great in any collector's portfolio!

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Sports Trading Pin Bags

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We're now carrying a complete line of all new trading pin bags. Available in over 7 great team colors, they're the perfect way to keep your collectible pins protected and safe while venturing out for the pin trading fun. Each bag can hold up to 500 pins and comes with pockets, straps and more. Take a look our trading pins backs here.

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